Mechanical Engineering Professors who received the 2020 Lassonde Innovation Fund

Congratulations to the following Mechanical Engineering Professors who successfully received the 2020 Lassonde Innovation Fund!

Ronald Hanson for Aerodynamic Characterization of Microplastics. Abstract: Sampling in remote regions, such as the Arctic, suggests that that Microplastic (MP) pollution, thought to originate in industrialized locations is transported by the atmosphere. Physical experiments will be performed to quantify the aerodynamic mechanisms that may enable small plastic particles to be transported long distances by the atmosphere. The results of this research will support emerging directions in atmospheric modelling of MPs to better inform environmental-based policy and identify potential pollution sources to remote locations.

Terry Sachlos for identifying new anti-cancer uses from old drugs using high throughput screening. The LIF award will contribute to establishment of an Automated Drug Screening Facility at Lassonde and YorkU and development of a 3D cancer stem cell screening assay for cancer drug discovery.  The award will be used to purchase FDA-approved, off-patent chemical libraries with total of 2,800 bioactive drugs to test for novel anti-cancer agents.  The multi-disciplinary collaborative team include researchers from Lassonde, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Health and Osgoode Hall Law School.

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Congratulations to Alex Czekanski who was the winner of the 2020 Lassonde Innovation Award – Established Researcher. This award recognizes our international leaders at Lassonde and your successful nomination is clearly a reflection of your outstanding achievements and dedication to excellence in research.

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