Materials and Manufacturing

Paul O’Brien, PhD

Associate Professor


The Advanced Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies Laboratory (AM-SET-LAB) is currently focused on the design and development of spectrally selective, photothermal, and thermal energy storage materials that control and utilize solar energy and radiant thermal energy for the advancement of sustainability.

Research areas include: (1) thermal photonic materials designed to control the directionality and spectral distribution of the emissivity and absorptivity of thermal radiation with applications in solar thermal energy utilization and radiative day-time cooling, (2) windows that harvest radiant infrared radiation, and (3) thermal energy storage materials that store sensible heat, latent heat, or the heat of adsorption to subsequently be used to provide building heating, cooling, or power generation.

Laboratory: Advanced Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies Laboratory (AM-SET-LAB)


Office: Bergeron 435F

Garrett Melenka, PhD

Garrett Melenka received his BSc. (2009), MSc. (2012), and PhD. (2016) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Garrett joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at York University in July 2017.


Our research team focuses on the design, manufacture, mathematical modeling and experimental analysis of advanced composite materials and braided composite structures. In addition, Our teams’ experience in composite materials has translated to the experimental analysis and modeling of additive manufactured structures. Our team specializes in the experimental analysis of composite structures using measurement techniques such as three-dimensional digital image correlation (3D DIC) and micro-computed tomography (µCT).

Research Keywords: Braided Composites, Composite Materials, Digital Image Correlation, Micro-computed tomography, Additive Manufacturing



Office: BRG 433C

Phone: 416-736-2100 (extension 44189)

Pouya Rezai, PhD, P.Eng

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director

Dr. Pouya Rezai is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, a Professional Engineer in Ontario, and the director of the Advanced Center for Microfluidic Technology and Engineering. He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University in 2012. He is the founding Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Director at the Lassonde School of Engineering. Dr. Rezai is a recipient of the Early Researcher Award, the CSME IW Smith Award, and the Early Researcher Lassonde Innovation Award. He is the Editor of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering bulletin and an editorial board member of Nanotechnology for Environmental Engineering Journal.


Dr. Pouya Rezai’s interdisciplinary research interest is in multi-phase flows within microfluidic and Lab-on-Chip (LoC) devices. At a fundamental level, it aims to understand the interactions between biological and physical nano- and micro-particles and various fluids in biomimetic microsystems. The generated knowledge and expertise are used at the applied level to develop point-of-care and LoC devices for disease studies and drug discovery, and point-of-need sensors for health-and-safety monitoring applications such as pathogen and pollutant detection in air, water, food, and/or human body fluids. See Dr. Rezai’s personal website for the list of his publications and other research outputs.

Research Keywords: Microfluidics, Lab on a Chip, Point of Care Diagnostics, Point of Need Detection, Health and Safety Monitoring

Laboratory: Advanced Center for Micro-fluidic Technology and Engineering (ACµTE)


Office: BRG 433B

Phone: +1-4167362100-44703