Coursework Requirements

All graduate students must fulfill the coursework requirements below.

  • MECH 9001 (MASc) and MECH 9002 (PhD/Direct PhD) are compulsory non-credit Courses that must be taken every term over the course of your MASc / PhD studies (Continuous enrolment).
  • MECH 6000 Seminar Series is a compulsory non-credit course to be passed every term over the course of your full-time MASc / PhD studies (Continuous enrolment).
    • An Annual Student Activity Form and a 10 Page Research Progress Report must be submitted before each seminar presentation day in the summer.
    • For requirements regarding giving a talk, please refer to the course outline.
  • ENG 6000 Engineering Ethics – This course is offered once per year, and graduate students are required to take this course once at the earliest applicable date over the course of their studies.
  • MASc and PhD students must pass three (3) for-credit courses in their programs. Direct PhD students must pass five (5) for-credit courses in their program. The table below provides details on these coursework requirements.
Required coursesMAScPhDDirect PhD
CoreA minimum of two (2) A minimum of two (2) A minimum of four (4)
Core, Complementary,
Reading or Outside ME courses
Maximum one (1) Maximum one (1) Maximum one (1)

The core, complementary, reading, or outside ME course can be replaced with one more core course.

  • If you wish to transfer graduate courses from a different institution (for which you have not received a degree), please contact the Graduate Program Assistant.
  • You can find a list of courses on these websites

Other Documents

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the following information:

Additional resources related to add/drop courses, student life, academic resources, campus services, …etc. can be found at this link: