American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Thomas A. Edison Patent Award

Deadline: February 1

Level: Early-career, Mid-career, Senior

Background: International

Cycle: Annual


The Thomas A. Edison Patent Award, established in 1997, recognizes creativity of a patented device or process that has the potential of significantly enhancing some aspect of mechanical engineering. The award was funded through the efforts of the ASME Board on Research and Technology Development.

Nominations for this award are expected to demonstrate the significant impact of the nominee’s invention to the practice of mechanical engineering or the significant impact that the invention had on at least one industrial/commercial sector. Such an impact might include: (a) creating a new business or industry, (b) substantially improving the efficiency, method of operation, or productivity of an existing machine or process, (c) dramatically reducing the size, weight, or energy requirements of an existing machine or device, (d) improving the quality of life for a definable segment, or all, of humanity, and (e) financially impacting an existing business or industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

The patent must have been registered in the U.S.

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