Graduate Funding

1. Funding Components

Each student at Mechanical Engineering Department will normally receive funding for Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship as well as a standard scholarship from Lassonde School of Engineering.

Teaching Assistantship: The graduate students at the department play a key role in undergraduate education by assisting the course directors in many aspects of teaching from lecturing to delivering labs and tutorials, to grading assignments and exams, to ensuring that the course is following the accreditation guidelines of the
Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board

Research Assistantship: Research is a fundamental component of students’ life at our department and students receive a portion of their salary because of being engaged in research activities.
Lassonde School of Engineering Scholarship: The faculty provides a standard scholarship to each student who gets admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. No separate application is required and all applying students are automatically considered for this scholarship.